What is a Breastaurant Anyway?


Yes, you read that right…a Breastaurant. So what is it exactly? Well, according to Wikipedia, a “breastaurant” is a “restaurant that has sexual undertones, most commonly in the form of large-breasted, skimpily dressed waitresses and barmaids.”  In other words Hooters is a breastaurant, right? Wrong. Hooters was a breastaurant. Just like Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt were breastaurants. That’s because the term “breastaurant” is officially a trademarked name and there can only be one “breastaurant” now—Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill.

Never heard of them? Well, they’re a Texas-based chain similar to Hooters where the main attraction is not necessarily the game on that night or the beer. And with Hooters making over $1 billion each year, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of this genre of restaurant slowing down. But if Hooters is upset about the loss of this coined term, they don’t intend to show it issuing a statement to ABC News “The restaurant model that others have dubbed ‘breastaurants’ is a moniker too shallow to define Hooters.”

So now the question becomes what will we call these other restaurants where the main attraction are the scantily clad waitresses? Hooteraunts?

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Published June 5, 2013 by Alex Spurr.


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